The 8th Abbess of Chi Lin Nunnery
Venerable Wang Fun (2007 – now)

Venerable Wang Fun was born in 1947 in Hong Kong. On the 8th of the second lunar month of 1968, she received tonsure at the age of 20 in Po Tai Yuen, Shatin under Ven. Foon Shun, who was a disciple of Ven. Hsu Yun. Ven. Wang Fun received full ordination at Po Lin Monastery in 1969.

She joined Chi Lin Nunnery in 1980s and assisted Ven. Shui Yung, the former Abbess, to coordinate and accomplish two important projects, namely the re-development of Chi Lin Nunnery and the construction of Nan Lian Garden.

Over the years, Ven. Wang Fun has whole-heartedly and enthusiastically committed herself to establishing a Buddhist “conglin”, as well as inheriting and promoting traditional Chinese culture.