The Wonders of Chashan Kiln—
Selected Ceramic Works Exhibition

Chi Lin Nunnery founded the Chashan Kiln in 2008. In cooperation with ceramist artist Mr Gao Feng, Chashan started to accept and train apprentices and engaged in research in ceramics of the Tang and and Song Dynasties, the most matured and prosperous period in the history of Chinese ceramics. Mr. Gao demonstrated and expounded on technique and skills to his students by words of mouth and practical work with tireless zeal. After five years of relentless work, the apprentices have finally acquired a solid foundation and adequate skills in ceramics. They have reached new heights in this traditional Chinese craft.

Today’s exhibition shows the works of Bao Qiming and Hou Menglu, Chashan Kiln’s first batch of women apprentices who have studied in Chashan for five years after their graduation from university. They have become proficient potters and are on a par with men. This exhibition also displays the gold sparkle wares by Mr Gao Feng, works that follow the traditional way but also open up a new path and a new horizon. These silent beauties are a feast for the audience’s eye.

We wish the Chinese ceramic art a bright and sustainable future.